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BimPCast 19 - Happy New Year!

BimPCast 19 Now online. Our first show as a married couple and our first show for 2006! Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

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  1. Comment by boringloser | 01/28/06 at 1:11 am

    G’day Steve and Niki
    As always fantastic!, loved it, kept my building and thinking,
    I Guess the only comments are, Loved the new mic much better!.
    In the show you mentioned shorting the show?, no make it long if anythink,but nah i love the 1:30 i have a 2hour train trip quite offten so i listen to it again and it flys by!!, really i get off and i cant belive im there.
    Think thats about it i have been listening eargly since BIMP14 and loving every ep, can i get the older ones somehow?, 1-14?
    Congratulations on the big day, by the way.. you guys seam very smitten!, enjoy :-)
    thanx again

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