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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

LEGO Apple iSight Camera Mount

Back in 2007, I had reason to mount up an old Apple iSight Camera I had lying around to my PowerBook G4. I didn’t have the original mounting hardware, so what’s a geek to do? That’s right, break out the spare LEGO elements and build one myself. Composed only of non-modified LEGO elements and a yellow rubber band (which technically is an officially sanctioned element since these can be found in some models and in the official LEGO/DACTA Team Challenge Kit), this mount allows the iSight to sit comfortably on top of the lid without any overhang into the viewing area.

This was a quick build and all of the elements used were acquired during my last visit to the LEGO Store Pick-a-brick center. I kept myself limited to only these elements as a challenge to myself. The only drawback to my design is that I must pivot the PowerBook lid to adjust the camera in the vertical axis. In the horizontal axis, it just a matter of sliding it left or right. Check out more detailed images using the link below:

Side view mounted

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