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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BimPCast 24b - The big TalkShoe test

{UPDATE: 26 February | By request (all one of you) I've uploaded the OTHER .mp3 file I recorded when I thought TalkShoe was a total wash. You can listen by clicking here.}

Well, we weren't entirely successful with our first TalkShoe test, but we're going to post the results anyway to allow us to test our blog settings. You can download the roughly 4 minute audio file by clicking here. Again, this is just a test file to get our bearings. I'll be updating the post as I experiment more with the features of TalkShoe and decide whether I can live with the quality. Please let us know what your experiences are with the audio files (both streaming and download).

My first impression is that I'm not happy with the choppy audio quality. I'm going to listen to more audio on TalkShoe to benchmark our sound quality. I may have to do some work on our Internet connection to maximize our upload bandwidth.
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