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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BimPCast 26 Schedule

Alrighty folks. It's time to prepare for the next BimPCast. Nikki and I will be recording live on TalkShoe this Saturday (March 7th) at 11am CST. We didn't have anyone join us last week and would love to have our listeners come join us and be a part of the show. You can listen live and chat with us while we record or become a part of the show by phoning in using your mobile phone, land line phone, Skype or the TalkShoe client (learn more by visiting our TalkShoe page). We'll take calls at the end of the show. So, consider joining us for a leisurely Saturday morning of LEGO chit chat. It'll be just like our own little virtual LEGO Users Group meeting!

Leave a comment below or drop us a line if you think you might be joining us. We have new e-mail addresses:


And lastly, your homework assignment. Recommend stories to us via Delicious by simply adding the tag bimpideas. You can view current bimpideas submissions using the following URL:

{Update} Recommend a BimP Featured MOC to us via Delicious using the bimpmoc tag. You can view recommended MOCs using the following URL:
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