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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Message to RSS Feed and BimPCast watchers

I'm slowly beginning the process of uploading older shows. As an experiment, I recently posted my first show which occurred March 23, 2005. This will show up as a new podcast if you are subscribing to the feed so disregard unless you want to relive the old days of the BimPCast.

Boy, we sure have come a long way. The audio and production value on that first show were atrocious; however, it is a fun listen if you want to laugh with me at myself! I'll also be including some show notes for this first episode a bit later and possibly some "inside baseball" additions for historical posterity. If there's other content from the past that you would like to see, drop me a line.

As I've said in past posts and during the BimPCast, it will take some time to get the site back up to speed, but when we're done, I think you'll enjoy having access to our past shows with interviews from some of the best AFOLs out there.

"Keep on Building"
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