Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have vignette!

Nikki and I were tickled to find an e-mail message from Swedish AFOL listener Stig-Erik Blomquist. Stigge began listening to us right as we began our four-year hiatus. Here's his story...

Sometime, a long time ago, I somehow found my way to your site and podcast...The last three years I haven't visited the site everyday, but like once every few months, and so, one day last week I found the headline that you had started casting again, so I quickly got the two new files (the test and #25) downloaded, and into my cell phone...

Like most of you, Stigge was probably shocked that we even came back! He continues...

One of the first things I heard on the first "real" show, was that Nikki has been TIED TO HER CHAIR. I decided that called for a vignette, but didn't get to do it before I heard the first half of the second show (#26), which gave a few more details about your tech set-up, and thus this little thing was made and photographed, in order to let you know that someone acctualy listens to your show.

Really? Someone actually listens to our show? Well now, there's one of the three listeners! Here's the fun part. Check out the vignette that Stigge created based only on information we relayed during our last two BimPCasts. Pay particular attention to the rope around “Nikki's” waste (a reference I made during BimPCast 26).

This was so much fun, we wondered if anyone else had it in them to recreate our “studio” as a vignette. So, if the other two listeners would like to create a vignette with your idea of our setup, give it a shot and send it to us. We'd love to feature it! Who knows, if you really encourage us, we might take an actual picture and share later.

“Keep on Building!”

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