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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BimPCast 3 is now Available and a Plea for Assistance

As I continue to slowly, and I mean slowly, get our older shows online, subscribers will see today that BimPCast 3 from April 23, 2005 is now online. You can find it by clicking on the BimPCast label. If you click on the shownotes link, you'll find that there weren't any for this show, however, there is a plea for someone who might be listening to this old show to write those up for us. If interested, drop me a line at You can check other shownotes to see how much work is involved.

As for a new BimPCast, hang in there, Nikki and I have several large projects that are pulling us away. In the meantime, we are looking for someone who might be interesting in assisting us in pulling together the latest LEGO news from around the web and becoming a BimP contributor. If you are interested in this opportunity, drop me a line with samples of your writing. Oh and be advised. This is NOT a paying gig. At least not for now.
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