Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rapid Prototyping...LEGO Style

My AFOL and manufacturing background collided today when I discovered the video below. Take a quick peek and then continue reading.

According to Hack a Day:
[Ned] tipped us off about his project for a class at Carnegie Mellon. Utilizing a Denso 6-AOF robotic arm they have built a rapid prototyping machine that uses Lego as the building material. LDraw, the open standard Lego CAD program, is used to build a model which is then translated into MATLAB files that the robotic arm can use for placement commands. Right now pieces need to be placed on a template for the robot to find and pick up.
This is a very interesting project and one that I need to delve into further as I may want my Advanced Manufacturing students taking a stab at a similar project.

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