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Monday, September 14, 2009

Rotating LEGO iPhone Dock Instructions...

Close-upFirst, let me thank everyone for the enthusiastic support for my latest creation. I have been overwhelmed by comments and e-mail. My moc (my own creation) has even been featured on several popular mainstream gadget blogs such as Gizmodo, Make and Engadget. One of the frequently asked questions in comments and e-mail is whether I have a list of parts or instructions available. I even received one request to purchase the dock. My reply is always the same, "sorry...but."

So in the interest of giving back to the community, I want readers to know that I am working on a set of plans. I am currently using Bricksmith to create the virtual model and to produce the build steps. Then I will to take the step images and do a little layout in Pages. Once complete, I will save as a .pdf and make them available on BimP. Now, here's where I would like some feedback.

Would the creation of these instructions and the time involved be of value? What I mean, and struggle with, is if I were to make them availalble for an extremely low cost, say $.99 or $1.99 (we are talking iPhone app prices here), would anyone be interested in purchasing? Or should I simply place them out there with a Creative Commons license and ask for donations.

I know many may see this as a money grab, but one of my interests is continuing with some other projects and getting a bit of monetary reward is a way to fund these projects without having to dip into the family budget. So what do you think? I've posted a poll in the upper area of the right column. So take the poll and let know what you think. You can also leave a comment. I'm here to tell you that I have made no decisions and your feedback means a great deal to me.
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