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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call to Action: Google Wave for AFOLs

I recently received my Google Wave invite and have to tell you, it is interesting technology but without additional folks, it’s kind of lonely. So here’s the deal. I have eight invites and I am looking to conduct an experiment. I am going to share these invites with AFOLs only and see how Google Wave can benefit the community.

So I’m throwing these invites out to BimP readers. If you are an AFOL and have a great idea for ways we can use Wave to develop a healthy AFOL Wave community, send me your proposal. It helps if you have 4 or 5 others who can join in the fun. If I select your proposal, together we’ll research the technology. Along the way we will share our findings with the AFOL community on BimP and/or your site(s).

So get those Technic gears a turning and submit your ideas via e-mail to: 

You can also post a comment below. Please do not simply request an invite as these requests will be ignored. Only well thought out project recommendations with a perceived commitment will be considered. If I receive more than one great plan, we'll put it out there for a vote.

Already have your Wave account and lonely? Send me your address and I’ll add you to the AFOL Wave community we’ll be developing together.

Google Wave Invite
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