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Friday, December 30, 2011

A quick review of the LEGO Black Pearl

Today I get to welcome a new blogger to the BimP team – my daughter Katherine! Katherine is 16 and moving from child LEGO fan to AFOL. You can learn more about Katherine at:

So without further introductions, take it away Katherine!

When I awoke on Christmas morning to find the LEGO Black Pearl kit that Santa left for me under the tree, I could not have been more thrilled. This kit is ah-MA-zing! The detail is phenomenal! Click the link below to read my review and view some highlights.

The Captain's Quarters Under the helm on the ship is a little room with a table for Captain Jack Sparrow's map, compass, and other random accessories. The walls around the room fold out so you can actually see in side. The back wall is at an angle so it follows the architecture of the ship, and the helm lifts off of the boat so you can see in through to top. {Lowlight: Captain Barbossa's peg-leg disables him from being able to sit down in the Captain's Quarters. Not a huge deal, but still disappointing.}

Cannons Each side of the ship has 3 cannon ports, and there are 2 cannons that actually shoot cannon balls - well, they shoot little Lego pieces, which are stand-ins for cannon balls. Plus there's the adorable little warning telling you not to shoot your eye out. 

Two-Faced Minifigs
I guess in general it's not a good thing to be two-faced, but for these minifigs, it's adorable. Joshamee Gibbs is scared? He's got a face for that? He's angry? There's a face for that, too! I absolutely love that you can change the mood of your minifigs. Plus, they look exactly like their characters!

Since I like making scenes with the minifigs so much, I figured I'd include a couple of pictures of minifigs in fun situations {i.e. Will Turner shooting at some sea creature guy, Maccus; and Jack Sparrow on lookout as Will Turner continues to fight with the same sea creature guy}.

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