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Friday, November 30, 2012

It is 2012 LEGO advent calendar time

Last year we had some fun during the 24 days leading up to Christmas opening our LEGO Star Wars advent calendar, and creating some fun scenes for everyone to enjoy. You can check them out here. The series was much more popular than we anticipated and it was a great way to ensure we posted each day leading up until Christmas.

This year we are going to repeat our 24 days of LEGO advent and not only open our Star Wars box, but throw in the LEGO City advent as well. Each day we will post a scene that includes both the daily Star Wars and City build.  It will take some effort to be creative with this one, but it should be fun trying. We also have some other posts to help during the holidays. This truly is our favorite time of the year.

So be sure and follow along with us beginning tomorrow. Feel free to leave your comments each day; however, if you know what’s in store for the next day, please don’t ruin the surprise. For those that haven’t purchased your advent calendars, you can get them here. I wouldn’t wait too long though.
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