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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Day 4: 2012 LEGO Star Wars & City Advent Calendar: Stairway to ???

Have to admit, we were in a bit of hurry today and didn’t have much time to prep our image. And in all honesty, a scene combining today’s models was not readily apparent. On their own, they were interesting models though; although one is causing us to scratch our head a bit. We’ve also added a bonus image today.

After viewing the images, if you have an idea how we can combine the two, drop us a comment. We would be happy to go back and reenact a scene for you. So without further ado, click below to view the day 4 2012 LEGO City and Star Wars advent calendar models.

Today’s City advent provided us with a set of stairs and a magic wand!?! Not sure where we are headed with that one and hopefully tomorrow will provide an addition so our stairway to nowhere makes sense. In an advent calendar far far away...we have a Star Destroyer, and we like it! Very nice micro model.

Below you will find another image that shows our Star Destroyer in action against yesterday’s catapult. If you want to see the animation, you will need to browse our earlier 2012 advent calendar posts to spot the necessary clues.

By the way, we have also included an Advent 2012 button in our header menu to make it easier to follow along.
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