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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Day 5: 2012 LEGO Star Wars & City Advent Calendar: Worst Star Wars day ever? You decide.

Today, the City LEGO advent outshines the Star Wars advent model by leaps and bounds. No really. The Star Wars model is extremely messed up and is probably one of the worst advent models we have seen in a long time. Not only did it take us some time to figure out what it was, but even LEGO was conflicted with the directions on how the thing should be assembled. Learn more about today’s Star Wars advent struggles and view the wonderful City advent after the click below.

Let’s start with the good. The City model was a wall for the fireman to hang his ax on. This was an easy, but very enjoyable build that was highlighted with LEGO bricks that have, well, bricks etched on them. Very cool. Add to it a small fire extinguisher, and we have a wonderful scene when we combine it with our day 1 fireman.

Now on to our less than stellar model. Look on the left in the image above. See that big brown thing? Well, apparently it is an MTT. An MTT carries Battle Droids into battle. Not this one. Lest you think we are being a bit harsh, check out what our friends over at FBTB had to say about this model. We’ll wait for you to read their review and then add a bit more when you return.

Back with us? Okay. Now check this out. Below are two images. The first is from the avent day 5 door. These are the instructions that describe how to put the model together. Simple enough. Still won’t know what it is when complete, but at least feel like you can put it together properly, until you go online.

This next image is a screen shot (blown up to show detail) from the online animation. Notice the difference in appearance? We simply combined the two instructions since we had enough pieces to do so to put our set together. Very confusing and not a bright and shining star within the LEGO Star Wars advent universe. This is not the model you were looking for.

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