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BimP News
    ¥    Still doing the show in real-time (notice the flubs?)
    ¥    BimP Stats

    _    54 Feeds using Feedburner
    _    Site stats show about 130 listeners total with direct downloads

    ¥    Now registered on PodNova
    ¥    iPod Alley (I guess I should not beg and plead for a vote)
    ¥    New Changes at the BimP Website available at:

    _    BimP Boards are back online
    _    Select the BimP Boards tab at the top of the main page
    _    Trashed due to my playing around with themes
    _    Listener and AFOL Ross Crawford offered his assistance
    _    BimP Chat no available
    _    Not sure why but an idea
    _    Could use for listener interaction as I consider moving to more real-time shows

Technology News of Interest to AFOLs
    ¥    Apples BIG news

    _    (Play Audio) PodCast subscriptions built into iTunes
    _    (Play Audio) Bigger news! Moving to Intel
    _    Why this could be good news for AFOLs
    _    Open source software such as mlCAD and NQC could more easily be ported to MAC OS X meaning more users in the community will have access to these tools

Brickfest Plug
    ¥    12-14th, 2005 at George Mason University in Arlington, VA. 9:00am-8:00pm
    ¥    BrickFest 2005 is a gathering for Adult Fans of LEGO¨ (AFOLs) from around the world in Washington, D.C. Anyone who enjoys building with these versatile blocks is invited to join the fun! See who's attending. August
    ¥    Big Announcements available at: and at

    _    Call for presentations
    _    Mindstorms and Robotics Contest
    _    Space room
    _    Mech room
    _    Build the Trust Contest
    _    Minifigure scale
    _    Micro scale
    _    Best LEGO Replica of any of the National TrustÕs Historical Sites
    _    Best Original LEGO Model in Historical Style/Detail
    _    Virtual Interview with BrickFest Coordinator Christina Hitchcock

BimP Nods back:
    ¥    Thanks for getting the word out about the BimPCast by presenting a shameless plug on your behalf
    ¥    Review site stats revealed that I have many linking to BimP  Want to send a nod back to VingnettBricks

    _    viágnette n. A scene built of LEGO bricks on a small (usually 6x6 or 8x8) base
    _    Better yet, add their RSS feed to iPodderX and have their images downloaded to iPhoto automatically.

    ¥    Wanna shameless plug on your behalf?  Link to BimP and send an e-mail to

Listener Questions
    ¥    Andy from New Jersey said:

    _    I just listened to one of your BimPcasts where you mention terminology and it got me to thinking... I know that the little LEGO people are called minifigs, but what do we call those larger Technic figures - "maxifigs"?
    _    Went to Jake McKee for the official answer and his reply was:
    _    Don't think there is an official answer, but I've heard maxifig used before.

    ¥    Send questions to or post in the new BimP Boards and I'll be sure to try and get an answer.  Also consider sending audio comments and questions to our e-mail address
    ¥    Speaking of Gmail, I have some invites available to AFOLs.  If you would like to receive an invite, send me a question or comment about the show and then mention that you would like a Gmail invite.  Sorry, you must include a comment or question!

BimP Featured Site and MOC
    ¥    Technic Puppy Journal available at:
    ¥    Site belongs to Miguel Agullo
    ¥    Co-author of many texts including Mindstorm Masterpieces
    ¥    Kewl 50s retro look with some amazing Technic creations
    _    Rover with LEGO CAM Vision System
    _    Jump-o-bot
    _    LEGO Technic Storage
    _     BSCP "Bississippi" (Featured BimP MOC)
    _    Basic Shape-Changing Platform
    _    Used LEGO tracks and treads (many of you probably didn't even know these existed)
    _    See the amazing video at:

Continuing Discussion with Jake McKee
    ¥    LEGO Ambassador Program

Closing Music